Warning! One Thursday a month, NOT Bachata, but Ladystyling ...

 Every Thursday at 19h, we propose a class of:

Bachata level 2

Bachata is a bolero rhythm, enriched with musical influences from Africa. It is played by two or three guitars, accompanied by bongos, maracas, a güira and a bass. Bachata music has long been associated with the poorer social backgrounds of  Santo Domingo.

With a bad radio diffusion in its infancy, it has attracted more interest from the 1980s through the expansion of mass media, tourism development, and the enthusiasm of Dominican musicians. It now enjoys international popularity and became, like Merengue, a symbol of the Dominican Republic.

Chacha initiation

Chacha is a Cuban musical genre dating from the 1950s. It is also a dance whose title comes from the sound produced by the friction of the dancers' feet on the ground:) Chacha has been for a long time known as a Latin dance (ballroom), with - from our point of view - all the technical drift and loss of roots that are the consequences of its international journey for more than a half century .
Nevertheless, the lessons we propose are impregnated with true popular Cuban culture and the music that we play is authentic and full of 'sabor'.