Back to life? And to our rights? ...

Hello to everyone :)

Salsa Brussels, do you remember? Salsa & Bachata dance lessons in the Galeries Royales St Hubert since 2009... 

After 7 months of forced immobilization, the school reopens its doors for the summer on June 9, with some apprehension.

Has the fear of contact, inoculated and maintained by the ministerial management of this pandemic, affected in a lasting way our desire, our need and our joy to touch others and to dance with them? Will life resume its course, and citizens their rights?

Our school, riddled with debt like so many other small businesses whose fall the state ignored / scorned, will it survive this summer? Non-vital questions, but questions nonetheless.

The Salsa Brussels team (Sylvia, Mélanie, Maria-Francesca, Sabrina, Ary, Justice & Alain) is very present, very much alive and we have never stopped dancing throughout this sad winter. We will welcome you all summer, and the schedules which are already online, will be adjusted according to your attendance, actual or not.

A quick glance at our financial situation: our debts are now around 11,000 euros, and this amount could have been doubled and lead us to bankruptcy without the generous contribution of a sponsor who wants to be anonymous, and to whom we are infinitely grateful for supporting us in this way.

Many students had paid a subscription just before our 'detention' and therefore have a claim in our accounts. We offer them:

  • or to take the number of courses corresponding to this allowance before August 27, 2021, the reopening of the school is not guaranteed in September
  • or to support us by giving up this surplus, in whole or in part (and therefore to reduce our debt by as much)

We are unfortunately unable to offer them any refund, and we sincerely regret that.

We hope to see your faces again, all your familiar faces that disappeared in the turmoil, and we look forward to welcoming newbies who will embark on the great adventure of learning and fun that we try to offer our students.

It's almost now ;)



  • Frequent hand washing and / or disinfection, before and after the course, wear a mask if you think it is necessary
  • In view of constantly changing health measures, in an often absurd and unjustified way, we do not know 'on which foot to dance' on this subject (a shame for a dance school, right?)
    And we are open to any coherent information: do you know something from a reliable source? Let us know!