Do you like Salsa? Do you know ‘dancing on 2’?

Today, the best dancers appreciate and practice salsa on 2. If you pay attention to what happens on the dance floors, you'll notice a timing that seems a bit strange, where the dancers seem to have more time to perform the moves, where everything seems more sensual, even when the music goes fast. The roots of salsa are here: the timing of the old Cuban 'Son' (the ancestor of the current Salsa) was originally on 2 - called ‘Montuno’ - and was differing slightly from the current timing. And the Cha cha, another 'old timer' on 2, now makes a wild come-back on the Salsa dance floors...

We were the first (since 2001) in Brussels and Belgium to teach 'Tipico' New York style in all our classes, transmitting our passion for Salsa on 2 to many dancers who currently shine on the dance floors. You may even know some of them without knowing their source of inspiration:)

Here are some of the questions that dancers on 1 most frequently ask me about the classes on 2: "Is it difficult? Will I get used to it without confusing everything? "

Answers: "Yes, it's a little difficult at first, like all that is new and exciting, but it is much less difficult than when you learned to dance on 1!" and "Yes, you will feel a little disoriented in the beginning, but not for long if:
• You choose the appropriate level (depending on your experience)
• You practice…
• Your teacher knows his job (important :)
And when you get there, you will find like many others that it was worth every penny!"

In our advanced classes we include sequences of Cha cha and Cuban ‘Montuno’ effects, allowing to dance throughout a song with a Cha cha or Mambo inspirations whenever you want, without changing your timing. And bonus: dancing on 2 also allows you to switch easily on 1 if necessary (the opposite is not true!)
The only risk you take by trying is that you will end up liking on 2 so much that you will prefer it to everything else (which is exactly what happened to me in 1997 :)

We are located at Galerie des Princes #5 (our studio is a magical place in the historical center of town – definitely worth a visit!). We offer classes 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday, including different levels of Salsa, and also Bachata during the first six weeks of our beginners classes. You’ll be sure to find what you need.

Our classes are taught in French and English and our subscriptions are among the best deals in town (all classes are 90 min.)

Feel free to check us out and take a trial class, whatever your level may be.

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