Francesca took her first steps at Salsa Bruxelles in 2018 and since then, with the perseverance and commitment that characterizes her, she dances, she dances, she dances...
Very early on, she begins to assist the staff of the school in the group lessons, and later she will assist Sylvia in the SPIN & STYLE workshops. Over time, she refines her technique, and gains confidence in her abilities.
She sees herself as a student who has followed the complete course offered by Salsa Bruxelles, and told us that she appreciates at home:
- Alain's rigor and technique, his passion for the authentic roots of dance, his vision of salsa: a game between partners and a pleasure to take to the rhythm of the music
- the softness, elegance and charm of Sylvia, an accomplished pedagogue of natural style
- Ary's dancing cheerfulness, his hand games and his smiles
- Justice's conscious humility, her calm, her gentle dance.
Francy - for friends...pronounced 'Franchi' - says she learned a lot from our team and still learns from each of us: because dance is a multifaceted game, where you never stop learning and playing!
She is known for her unbridled energy and great sensitivity to style (all Italian qualities), as well as her enthusiasm, generosity and quirky humor.
To say that the classes Francesca attends are lively is a Beaufort level 8 understatement! Ciao ciao!

Francesca C.