Coaching - Dance

Do you want to improve your dance practice, or just make progress in your life? I support you with care and kindness, in a positive and personalized approach towards achieving your goals.

My name is Sylvia, I have been dancing since 2001, and I have been teaching at Salsa Brussels since 2005. I have also worked as a global expert and leader in the field of corporate communication in two multinational companies between 1994 and 2018.

Trained in coaching by the Leading & Coaching Academy (ICF accredited), I support dancers of all levels and from all backgrounds, in a perspective of holistic coaching that aims for self-expression, confidence and well-being , which addresses a challenge to be met, or the pursuit of any other objective.

Coaching can help you ...

- discover the value of your personal resources and make full use of them
- to trust you and improve your autonomy
- to naturally take responsibility for your actions
- to communicate more effectively
- achieve a goal, and / or make a change in your life
- to go through a difficult moment
- improve your personal or professional relationships

... in short, to become a better version of yourself :)

I offer you a first free meeting in Brussels - or virtual, at your choice - to talk about your objectives, the method, the working environment and to validate (or not) our collaboration.

The following sessions (60 to 90 minutes) are held by appointment, according to your needs, at the price of 50 € per session, at intervals of approximately 2 to 4 weeks.

I speak and write French, English and German, and I will be happy to answer you on +32 476 631391, or by email: