Dancing SALSA ON 2?

Today, the best dancers practice salsa 'on 2'. Pay attention when you go dancing, and you will notice some couples dancing on a little different timing, where the dancers seem 'less in a hurry', where everything seems more sensual, even when the music goes fast, and where you will notice occasional accentuations of the 4th and 8th beats of the measure in the 'footwork' , which highlight the bass lines, the tumbao, and the clave.

The 'on 2' style comes from the 'roots' of salsa. The 'cuban son' (ancestor of salsa) was danced 'on 2', using the 'montuno' footstep, barely different from the current 'tipico'. And chachacha, a traditional grand classic, which has been making a comeback in recent years on the dancing floors, is obviously danced 'on 2'.

In 2001, we started teaching 'tipico' and New York style in Brussels, passing on our passion for salsa 'on 2' to many dancers, who have not only shone on the tracks since, but have sometimes even started to teach. As we are relatively modest, you may know certain of them without knowing their primary source of inspiration;)

Frequently asked question by dancers' on 1' about the timing 'on 2 ': 'it's difficult? I will not confuse everything? '

Well yes, it's a little tricky at first, like all that is worth it, but it will be far less difficult and in the same time more exciting than when you learned to dance 'on 1'

And indeed, you will feel a little disoriented at first, but not for long ... if you choose the appropriate level (we can help you, it's our job), if you practice regularly in relaxation and pleasure (not difficult, in our dance school), and finally if your teacher knows his 'business' (necessary, not so frequent ...)

Dancing 'on 2' does not mean 'dancing one beat later' as one might think by simplifying. It is actually exploring and gradually mastering the complexity and breathtaking richness of rhythmic salsa music and slowly learn a world of musical pleasure (yes, I insist :)

It also allows you to easily switch to the timing 'on 1' with a less cultivated partner if the opportunity arises, and in the end the only real risk is falling in love with that style to the point of preferring it to everything else (exactly what happened to me in 1997 ...)

Our studio, a small magical enclave in the historic center of the city, is located 5 Galerie des Princes in 1000 Brussels. We give 2 classes per evening, 5 days a week from Monday to Friday, and thematic workshops on Saturdays (different salsa levels, and bachata during the first six weeks of our beginner classes). Try, you will not regret it!

Our courses are given in French and in English and our subscriptions, from a 'quality, duration, price' point of view are among the most advantageous in Brussels (90 minutes course)

Feel free to try and take a trial class, whatever your level.

Useful information, class schedules and prices onĀ www.salsabruxelles.be

We are waiting for you :)