Typically you can go to the next level after a full session (3 months), but do not hesitate to repeat all or a part of a level if the steps are not fully mastered: this will allow you to better understand and integrate the moves and patterns.

Don't be afraid about getting bored: we have a lot of fun during the classes!

Our students often follow several classes per week and also attend classes at lower levels (this is an excellent way to enjoy what you've learned already, and consolidate your technique)

Salsa & Bachata ‘beginner’ (level 1)

You’ll learn the basics: good contact with the music and with your partner, with the ground and the space. You familiarize yourself with the first steps, and you approach the concepts of posture and ‘timing’ that will make things easy and fun…  Accessible to everyone up to the 3rd class. After that, if you are a real beginner, you  have two choices:

  • If you are not destabilized while experiencing mild discomfort, join in anyway! You will catch up on the past lessons little by little, and you’ll have a lot of fun anyway. Salsa Brussels is known for its efficiency, but also for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere :)
  • If you prefer to do things smoothly from the beginning, it is advisable to wait for the next new session. We typically start beginner classes in January, mid-February, April, July, August, September and mid-October.

The following levels…

… are in logical sequence with the beginner level: we take one difficulty after another, ending up dancing relaxed, with pleasure and confidence.

A tip: do not come regularly to a level 2+ if you still have problems staying with the rhythm, or if you feel tense whenever the tempo of the music speeds up, or if you are not able to do a ‘spin’ (fast turn ) in balance on average tempo. You may experience more stress than pleasure and the perspective to progress is slim.

There is always a solution to help you catch up, and private lessons can also help. Identify your difficulties, and talk to one of our teachers?

A recurrent concern of teachers and assistants is that they face some students who lack solid ‘bases’. This happens when people want to go too fast from one level to the next. This is often a challenge for the whole class, because it slows down progress and takes away from the fun for all participants. It also results in more stress for those students who are not able to follow…

Learn quick and well : ‘tricks & tips’

  • Work to master a correct basic step, relaxed and ‘alive’
  • Try to recognize the overall musical rhythm, on songs (slow, medium, fast, easy, complex …)
  • Establish a ‘balanced’ contact with different partners (leading and following)
  • Focus on understanding the challenges: identify the structure of the steps and turns, be precise!
  • Practice – as often as possible! In the classes and outside, with friends you meet during the classes or alone…
  • Build up a strong technique: one difficulty at a time, step by step!
  • Perhaps most importantly over time: have fun! With motivation, regular practice and by having fun, you will surprise yourself…