We appreciate that you trust us to learn how to dance salsa and bachata. And we also want, by teaching in the pleasure and the relaxation, to allow you a sensible progression through the levels that we propose. This is why the switch to an upper level is NOT automatic when a new session starts.

A recurring concern for us, teachers and assistants, is to be confronted by the presence in a course of one or more pupils 'who can't do it', because they have not yet acquired the necessary skills to keep up with the pace of the course, but they 'want to move forward'... Progress and fun for everyone are diminished, the level of the course drops, frustration increases - vicious circle - and the people concerned are often the most stressed and those who get the less fun.

The spirit goes fast, the body goes slowly ...

Intellectually understanding the content of a program is a necessary first step, but it is only a small part of the journey, which consists of INTEGRATING this program into the body (hearing, sight, touch - music, style, contact and dynamic), and each one needs a different amount of time to get there. Some are fast (not so common), and others (the majority) slower.

It is therefore possible for you to move to the next level - and stay there - when you MASTER the PROGRAM from the previous level, WITH the approval of the teachers.

'I'm not going to start this level again, I'm going to be bored ...'

To repeat a level already followed has many advantages, and in particular ...

- you finally hear tips and recommendations that you had not heard before, perhaps a little overwhelmed the first time by the various difficulties to tackle at the same time

- you will be among the best of the course, and also more relaxed, since you already have an idea of ​​the program

- you will gradually feel an increased confidence, very useful to be able to take pleasure to dance in real situation (salsa & bachata are dances of improvisation where it is important to relax and to 'let come')

- in short, you will IMPROVE yourself!

Our students often follow several classes a week and also attend levels lower than theirs (again, great way to appreciate the progress made, and to consolidate their technique)

Let's be honest...

If you are bored regularly despite ...

- the repeated pleasure of moving on the music (exciting) and mastering the basics that will make learning and subsequent progress fast and safe

- the friendly presence of other students (nice!) and their desire to collaborate with you

- the energy that the teacher and the female dedicate to help you to progress (not ordinary), and their skills (indisputable)

... and if at each class, by repeating and perfecting your ability to dance effortlessly, you do not feel at home, is it worth it to continue?

All the dancers who inspire you have been dancing for a long time and have gradually improved and corrected their practice. But not everyone is made for that: are you? You can enjoy salsa without becoming salsero ...

Our advanced course?

All of the students in this course took some time to be part of it, either by invitation from us or by applying - sometimes on a recurring basis before being admitted :)

We publish new videos of this course every week on our private group FACEBOOK:
www.facebook.com/groups/ecole.salsabruxelles (easy to get in: ask? and very easy to get out)

What is certain is that by putting time, pleasure and practice, everyone gets there, more or less quickly. Everything is working and resolving, and private lessons can also help you. Identify your difficulties, and talk about it!

Some 'tips' to learn quickly and well:

- Get the mastery of basic steps 'WHO WALK AND BREATHE', fluids, relaxed, tonic

- Listen to the songs salsa & bachata that you like, by identifying their timing (please count!) ...

- Work on a 'balanced' contact WITH DIFFERENT.E.S PARTNERS ('lead' and interpretation)

- Attack the understanding of difficulties: identify the structure of steps and turns, be precise

- PRACTICE, as often as possible, in class and outside, with classmates, or 'solo'

- Forge yourself a good technique: one difficulty at a time, don't run too fast!

- Without a doubt the most important over time: TAKE FUN, repeating in a thousand ways what you have already integrated! Motivate yourself, make a frequent and EASY practice a pleasant and relaxing moment, you will be surprised by your progress!