Registration and payment

30 minutes before the start of the class (cash, no bank cards) or by bank transfer:

  • Baila Salsa asbl
  • IBAN BE78144059228886

Taking a trial class costs you 14 euros and this amount counts as down payment on the subscription we ask you to complete the second time you come. We give discounts on subscriptions, but not on the trial class (students, unemployed, seniors)


Several types of subscriptions are available (decreasing prices). They allow you to take one or more classes every week. You can come to all classes of your current level or and all levels below: each time you come, it costs you one class on your subscription. The classes on your subscription can only be taken by you, and leftover classes cannot be carried over to the next session

Without a dance partner

You are welcome with or without a partner. The number of ladies and gentlemen generally balances out after 2 or 3 weeks.
We ask participants to change partners frequently: it's much more efficient! If you don't want to rotate, please let us know before?


Please check-in at the entrance before each class (insurance, accounting of your subscription…)

Take all your classes before the end of the session

… in order not to lose them (your classes can be taken only by you, and you cannot carry over any ‘leftover’ classes to the next session)

Before the class

We use the 15 minutes before the class for registrations and payments, but also to meet people and chat – enjoy?
Please come earlier if you need to complete a payment.

The class begins

Please switch off your mobile phone, and take place in front of the mirrors. There will be plenty of laughter and fun, but without some discipline, the class won't progress: help us to be effective by following the instructions and encouraging others to do the same?

Tell us your email

… so we can contact you (in case of schedule changes, cancellations of classes, promotions, news, reminders of the end of session, new photos…) and please add to your contacts so that our emails do not end up in your ‘Spam’ folder


Each level corresponds approximately to 12 weeks of classes, but we recommend to repeat all or part of a level to master both footwork and technique before moving on to the next level : it's about understanding and integrating. Many of our students choose to attend several classes per week, including lower levels than their own (excellent to polish your technique and realize what you've already learned)​

Learn quick and well : ‘tricks & tips’

- Work to master a correct basic step, relaxed and ‘alive’
- Try to recognize the overall musical rhythm, on songs (slow, medium, fast, easy, complex …)
- Establish a ‘balanced’ contact with different partners (leading and following)
- Focus on understanding the challenges: identify the structure of the steps and turns, be precise!
- Practice – as often as possible! In the classes and outside, with friends you meet during the classes or alone…
- Build up a strong technique: one difficulty at a time, step by step!
- Perhaps most importantly over time: have fun! With motivation, regular practice and by having fun, you will surprise yourself…

True beginner

Attend 'beginners' class for a whole session before you switch to the next level

Already danced Salsa in another style?

Come to the 'beginners' class 3 or 4 times, to master the basic steps – and become a pleasant dance partner.
As soon as you are at ease with the program, switch to 'salsa 1'

Private lessons

By appointment.
- phone    +32 (0)476 202054
- email

How to dress – what type of shoes

Wear light and comfortable clothing. Good dance shoes are a plus, but not necessary at the beginning.
Avoid light summer sandals and cow-boy boots, to preserve your feet and the feet of your partner

Useful stuff

Chewing-gums or mints (for a bright smile and fresh breath), a towel, deodorant…

Salsa Brussels Etiquette

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet nice people, and be yourself! Please introduce yourself and smile when you ‘rotate’, to break the ice. Avoid correcting your dance partners during the class, and you'll make more friends…
Store your belongings in the designated areas, and most important: have fun dancing!


Sometime we stop the classes for one or two weeks after the end of a session. We will publish the info on the website and on Facebook

Become VIP on Facebook

We would be honored if you requested to join our private Facebook group Ecole Salsa Bruxelles (the exit is just as easy…)


SALSA BRUXELLES ONLINE : start this Saturday March 6!    Each week, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., 2 ZOOM lessons of 45 minutes online, with a program that will evolve according to your feedback and the success of the lessons :)  Program here...   Cost sharing here...